Classification of Erysipelas: Literary Reference and Data from Our Own Studies

    I. Yungareva¹, V. Nikolov², S. Marina¹
    ¹Department of Dermatology and Venereology – Faculty of Medicine, Sofia
    ²Department of Infectious Diseases with Epidemiology and Dermatovenereology – Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine

    Erysipelas is а common, acute, super?cial, dermal-hypodermal infection and the most frequent pathogen is ?-haemolytic streptococci group A, less so by group B, G or C streptococci. Тhe classification of erysipelas is important in terms of better understanding of the pathogenesis and clinical picture of disease, and for accurate diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis and prognosis. In this summary we present a modern disease classification and data from our own clinical studies conducted over a period of 6 years (2007–2012) involving 1699 patients with erysipelas.

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